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Главная » 2010 » Февраль » 27 » Men's problems. Struggle with ED
Men's problems. Struggle with ED
Older men who have less frequent sex and who are happy with the responses taking Viagra should certainly continue Viagra. Some patients who do not get optimal responses to Cialis can understand that Viagra is more preferable for them. Generally, these 3 drugs act and the patients have to consult their doctors about finding the one that seems best for them and their personal life. Three drugs recently and others in diverse clinical trial stages has not only expanded the options of treatment for ed, but also has become the reason for new mess among doctors and patients. This can be added to vacuum therapy and other treatment and it's not difficult to understand why patients and future patients are sceptical. risolvere eiaculazione precoce

Starting treatment, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In measured circumstances in which the males are healthy, young, laboratory blood tests or such are in norm one should look for the physical cause of their ed before prescribing drugs because disease development can be more serious than its symptoms, other factors, the ed itself. It may happen that treatment of the primary disease may in fact exclude the sexual disfunction. Still, most men have other physical causes for ed as found in their health history and lab tests, that makes PDE-5 inhibitors a first line of choice. Choosing the necessary drug can be very unmanageable to do with no necessary info on every drug and a painstaking discussion about the patient's sexual history and his partner. curare eiaculazione precoce

Let's talk about these three drugs pros and cons and the sexual circumstances that may indicate the purpose of one medicine over others. Viagra was the first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors used to cure ed. Many years had passed before getting open to the American public. It has positive results in close to 70% of all men with all types of erectile dysfunction, although about 25% of them think that results are not optimal. eiaculazione precoce cura

When initially doing the studies on Viagra, sexual function seemed to have improved greatly; nevertheless, all male patients in the Viagra studies suffered from ED, while studies for the other two drugs were based on patients who had used Viagra. Major drawbacks of Viagra take in decreased absorption due to meals. You should take the pill on an empty stomach as half an hour is needed for absorption. The medicine needs about 1 hour for maximum result, but loses 50% of its maximum concentration every four hours. Sexual stimulation is necessary to achieve erection. Of the three drugs, the maximal concentration for Viagra appears to be the therapeutic concentration. Side effects include strange visual problems with a blue-green aureole around the vision, a bright vision, facial flushing, indigestion, mild headaches. eiaculazione precoce cause
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